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A vegan shop near King's Cross

FSA food hygiene rating (2010-09-28): ★★★★★ (very good)

  • Lots of junk food
  • Punky staff
  • Kinda pricey
  • Opens late in the mornings

One of the best things about London is that it’s big enough to support enterprises like this. An actual, physical, vegan store you can go to. Other people have to order online, or wait for a once-a-year fayre, or make pilgrimages to places like this whenever they visit the capital. But not us! We can just pop by whenever we’re in King’s Cross. Or at least, whenever we’re in King’s Cross after 10am - no early morning on-the-way-to-work flying visits are possible.

There’s some weird quirk of geography that makes it easy to walk past Vx without noticing it. They’ve got stuff in the window, signs outside… and yet somehow it’s inconspicuous.

Once you get inside, though, you’re in for a treat. They’ve got a great range of sweets that I’ve not seen anywhere else in London (such as vegan snickers, Wagon Wheels, and Builder’s Bars. There’s a drinks chiller that’s got Fentiman’s cola, whole earth cola, and Club Mate cola (they’re also the only place in London I know that stocks Club Mate, apart from the London Hackspace).

They have a great selection of vegan meats and cheeses, a takeaway counter with (very reasonably priced) sandwiches, cakes, and also a range of shoes, clothes, and other bits.

On the whole I think of Vx as a “treat yourself” rather than “Shop here every week” kind of place, but it’s definitely worth stopping in whenever you’re in the area.


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