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The Wild Food Café

A Wholefoods vegan-friendly vegetarian café near Covent Garden

FSA food hygiene rating (2012-12-03): ★★★★☆ (good)

  • Kind of a nice vibe
  • Plush toilets
  • Lots of vegan options
  • Expensive
  • Food not that great

I can’t lie. The day I visited the wild food cafe was a day I’d been arguing with my girlfriend, so I wasn’t in the best of moods. But I don’t think that coloured my judgement that much. Sadly I think our meal was the most disappointing sit-down meal I’ve had in London.

We started with the “sharing and loving” plate, a well-presented gluten-free selection of dips and olives. It was OK. The 3 dips were nice. Thy salads were OK, if a little generic. The olives were olivey. But only 5 crackers between two people? A quarter of the plate devoted to red chard? For £16.50?

For a main course I had the veggie burger, which cost £11.50 and came with 3 sweet potato chips. 3 chips. Some more red chard on the side. My burger fell apart as soon as I took my first bite, and I spent the remainder of the meal eating it with a knife and fork – an indignity I could have done without. It wasn’t even a good burger; it tasted acidic, and sour. I’m pretty sure you can rescue most burgers with the addition of gherkins, but that life raft had not been attempted.

My friend had the pizza, at £12.50, which pulled the standard raw food trick of being pizza-like in shape and then calling it pizza. To be accurate, it was a slice of pizza, rather than a whole one. But it was better than my meal, at least if you’re a fan of basil.

We finished off our meal with a slice of pear cheesecake, which was nicely presented but also kind of boring.

Our meal (1 shared starter & dessert, 2 mains, no drinks) came to £50 including service. Given that this is a café, not a restaurant, I really can’t understand why anyone would go. It’s got a nicer atmosphere than the nearby Food For Thought (mainly because it’s not in a basement), but you’ll get a better burger from the Coach and Horses.

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