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The Loving Hut

A fast food vegan café near Mornington Crescent

FSA food hygiene rating (2013-02-07): ★★★★☆ (good)

  • Good food
  • Reasonable prices
  • Not a lot of seating

A friend of mine mourns what this place once was, but my first visit was rather recent. I’ve got no point of comparison.

The Loving Hut in Camden serves simpler food than the sister restaurant in Archway. Think fast food, rather than fine dining. It’s pretty good, though; I had a duck wrap (with chips, and an unexciting salad garnish) and my friend had vegan fish and chips. Yes, really. It was a bit more like a giant fish finger, but it was quite fishy.

There’s not a lot of seating, and it’s way too like a café for a date, but it’s a great place to stop by for a bite to eat in Camden.

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