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Holland & Barrett

An omnivorous shop near Bond Street

Holland and Barrett are a nationwide chain of health food shops. They combine a combination of veggie- and vegan-friendly products with frou-frou supplements and stuff for bodybuilders.

Many of their stores have chiller and/or freezer cabinets, which generally come with their own range of pastries. There are several vegan ones to choose from and they’re all clearly labelled, which makes them good for grabbing a snack. They also frequently stock the Redwood Foods & Fry’s range of chilled/frozen food. They don’t list these on their website, so you’ll have to visit to explore them.


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Nopudding London was built entirely by Alex Pounds. It's designed as a more geography-centric guide of places to eat. Most veggie listings start with a table of text, but I'm normally trying to answer the question "Where can I get a good meal near _____?". Textual listings aren't very good at that.

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