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A Mexican omnivorous takeaway near Liverpool Street

FSA food hygiene rating (2013-02-06): ★★★☆☆ (generally satisfactory)

  • Vegan burritos!
  • Servers often know what ‘vegan’ means
  • Servers don’t always know what ‘vegan’ means
  • Options not marked on the menu

Chilango is a chain of Mexican kitchen fast food places across London. They don’t mark their vegan options on the menu, but servers often know what you mean if you ask for a vegan burrito, and they’ve published some info on their blog (which I’ve edited slightly for clarity):

At our Fleet Street branch we sell about 500 Vegetarian meals a week which - aside from the popular burritos - include tacos, salads, naked burritos and totopos. Vegans can have exactly the same but without the sour cream and cheese.

Their burritos are tasty and generously filled. I’m particularly keen on the mix of black beans & pinto beans. They’re also quick to serve you, making them ideal for a pre-gig meal.


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