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A vegetarian café near Piccadilly Circus

FSA food hygiene rating (2012-05-02): ★★★★★ (very good)

  • Vegan cake!
  • Sausage rolls
  • Large portions, especially when eating in
  • Not much seating
  • Closes surprisingly early

I used to work in Soho, and Beatroot always felt like a treat for lunch. It was especially good in winter, when you’re not so worried about finesse and care more about warmth. Beatroot’s great for that.

It’s a small buffet-style café with a mix of hot and cold dishes. You pick your size of box (a large is probably big enough for two people to share), and then you can have whatever you want in it. Most things are vegan-friendly, and the staff are very good about knowing what’s what. I particularly like their coleslaw from the cold bar, and the tofu stir-fry from the hot one. Normally I just ask for a mix of whatever’s vegan, and let the staff member pick. A friend of mine recommends their chai lattés, too.

Because it’s a buffet you can get in and out quickly, and it’s not part of a big chain so it’s got definite indie cred. If I’m going to a show in Soho, I’ll normally eat here beforehand.


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